Technical report
Integrity assessment and development of repair plans
Industrial safety expertise

After completion of field works the in-line inspection data is delivered to NGP production base, where they are processed and the Preliminary, and then the Final Technical Reports are issued.

To process the data of in-line inspection and issue Technical Reports NGP uses a multi-purpose software package of its own development. Company engineers, using NGP software, process the data of in-line inspections, evaluate the detected anomalies for compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents (in accordance with the  Contract terms and conditions), perform strength calculations, assess the corrosion growth rate, develop the repair program and generate the Final Technical Report, which is subsequently provided to the Customer.

The Final Technical Report contains information about all defects and features of the pipeline section detected during the inspection with the indication of the allowable pressure and the repair timeframes. The Final Technical Report is the final result of in-line inspection works and is issued for each inspected pipeline segment.

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